Should you get a dog?
Should you get a dog?

With the holidays coming up, you might be considering adding another member to your family, perhaps an adorable new puppy wrapped in with a bow. I have a fur-baby myself. A beagle named Charlie-girl. I’ve had her ever since she was 8 weeks old, and now she’s 3 ½. As much as I LOVE dogs, the responsibility will be too much if we add another puppy (especially with a baby on the way). Before you make a trip to the shelter (yes shelter, pet stores are evil). Think about your current lifestyle.

Yes if you:

  • can commit to its care and well-being for the next 10-20 years regardless of major changes (moving, baby, income)
  • want a four-legged furry baby that will NEVER grow into a self-sustaining adult.
  • communicate with something that doesn’t talk back
  • like having fur on your clothes…hair…furniture…car… food….
  • think potty-training someone/something else comes easy
  • don’t love your socks/shoes/panties/bras/furniture THAT much
  • bid farewell to that extra amount of income that goes to dog food, toys, and vet care.
  • enjoy picking up doggy poop… all of the time.
  • find all of the chewed up, sticky toys/rawhides hidden underneath your couch amusing
  • have enough time and love to commit to a living, breathing animal that is entirely dependent on you for its survival

No if you:

-don’t think any of the stipulations above will fit in your current lifestyle


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