Most people who read this blog are military spouses or significant others, moms, young professionals. They all have one thing in common. They can always use that extra “something” to get a leg up their career, resume, education, or just learning in general.

One of the important skills that all people should have is leadership. Some say leadership skills cannot be taught, I disagree. I think that through experience and perhaps some guidance through others or an organization, you can improve yourself as a leader. Perhaps you’re not a leader all of the time, but you know when to call on that skill when the time comes. Leadership influences all areas of our lives. Think about it, your leadership skills help you in all the roles you may play as an student, employee, employer, entrepreneur, parent and even as a spouse.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to partner with Concordia University to sample their Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration program, so I jumped at the chance to try it out. We can all improve our leadership skills. The course I sampled is called “How to Function Above Entry Level”. It is currently taught by Dr. Ken Harris, Program Director for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration at Concordia University. Even through video, I can tell you this professor is engaging, interesting and thoroughly motivating.

And guess what? It’s so helpful!! The best part…. It’s absolutely FREE!!!
The “How To Function Above Entry Level!” online course will help you understand your personal strengths and gain the confidence needed to move forward in your goals.

The course includes:

  • an intro e-mail
  • three lessons
    • Emotional and Social Intelligence
    • Internal Force
    • External Force
  • thank you e-mail after you have completed the course.

The subjects you will learn in this mini-course are:

  • Internal forces such as personality, emotions, and biological factors
  • External focus such as society, work place, and education
  • Developing emotional intelligence for personal growth and strong relationships
  • Developing social intelligence to navigate complex relationships and environments

Total course time is about one week to complete and a total of only 3 to 4 hours! There are essays, videos, interactive polls, and download journals. All of the content is taken from Concordia University Wisconsin’s 100% online one year Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration. My favorite part was learning about my emotional and social intelligence. I had no idea I could measure my level of intelligence for those two facets of life. But developing my intelligence for both provides a strong foundation for developing into a great leader.

Even if you’re not interested in a undergrad or graduate degree, consider taking this course to take “YOU” to the next level. I hear it all the time when I’ve written about past resume and career improvement tips. “It’s too expensive”, “I don’t have time,” “I have no one for child care” are the roadblocks for some of my readers.

The free mini course is an excellent sample to help you take your skills to the next level, whether it be in parenting, in business or in your career. Number 1) It’s free. Number 2) It will only take a few hours of your time in about a week Number 3) It’s completely online so you can take it in the convenience of your own while the kids are busy or sleeping.

It’s hard to say no to free. What do you have to lose? Want to sign up? Or perhaps you’re still on the fence? Either way, you can find out more information here to help you make your decision. Free Leadership Skills Course


Free Leadership Skills Course to Help Boost Your Resume and Your Career