He works 10+ hours a day in one of the most stressful jobs a man can have. He comes home to his “second shift” and provides the love, care, and responsibility that a husband and father should. The hardest-working man in my life is my husband.

My husband starts off every morning with PT (physical training) in order to keep up with the demands of military service. So before the sun is up, he is already at the gym. He’s a big guy and big guys sweat… a lot. Halfway through his workout, his clothes are already drenched. Then he comes back home for a quick shower with his Old Spice Dirt Destroyer Pure Sport Plus Body Wash. This stuff works wonders. It has 15 percent more cleansers to get all the dirt off but it doesn’t dry his sensitive skin. Plus it has 20 percent more scent so he just smells “manly”.


After the shower, he puts on his uniform and boots, a quick application of Old Spice Odor Blocker antiperspirant and deodorant because it definitely ups his performance through stronger and longer sweat protection. Plus it’s invisible and solid, so he is good for his 10+ hour day of work in a military uniform (at a hot hangar bay, I might add).


Not only does he work hard Monday through Friday, but on the weekend, he comes home to his honey-do list and impresses me even more. His usual Saturday morning routine is breakfast and then out to our front and back yard landscape maintenance. I’ve offered many times to outsource to a gardener, but my tough guy wants to do it himself. We live in a warm climate, so for this task, he uses the gold-standard in anti-perspirant/deodorant, Old Spice Sweat Defense. The category standard for extra effective anti-perspirant/deodorant is a 30 percent sweat reduction. Well sweat defense delivers 66 percent. Um, win.


Old Spice is actually so confident in the Hardest Working Collection, the product is backed with a money-back guarantee ( who offers those anymore?). You can seen them in a serious is hysterical infomercials hosted by Product King Bob Giovanni. If that Hardest Working Collection isn’t working for your guys, just call 1-800-Prove-It, and Bob will give you some further guidance.


My husband is an active duty service member so through his uniform, PT, and other hard work, he needs products that keep up with his lifestyle. With the new Hardest Working Collection from Old Spice, he knows he can work hard and still keep fresh. If your man wants to be legendary, save on these products with this awesome coupon.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Old Spice (P&G). The opinions and text are all mine.

The Hardest Working Man In My Life