You know new babies can be expensive. However, there are ways to save money on all of the baby gear and items. You can buy second hand or if you truly want to buy new items, buy items that last past the first year.

Grow with Baby: 10 Baby Items that Last Past the First Year

Some of these items are more of an investment up-front, but I’ve personally discovered that they save money in the long run by playing double duty as your child grows.


Here are 10 Baby Items that Last Past the First Year


1. A Video Monitor
Keep an eye on them while they’re babies, and keep an eyes on them when they’re toddlers. We had this one on our baby registry and it’s highly rated and one of the most affordable.

2. Stroller
We have this stroller from Britax that can grow with baby as he gets older. Strollers can be one of the more expensive investments but it can definitely be worth it.

3. Play Yard
A play yard that has a bassinet and changing table can accommodate your family when they’re babies and then keep them safe when they start being mobile.

4) A Highchair
As soon as they start sitting up to eat, you can use the high chair for mealtimes. My husband and I have the one that can convert to a booster chair on top of one of our dining room chairs when he grows older.

5) Tableware
Silikids‘ mom-designed, toxin-free tableware that consists mostly of glass and ceramic covered in kid-friendly natural silicone. Cups can come with sippy-cup tops that can later be removed for older kids. Plates have nice sized compartments for baby food that toddlers can use to dip and then older kids will love that they have plates that look like the ones grown-ups use.

6) Baskets
Invest in some quality baskets to hold baby items such as diapers and lotions. Sooner or later, they will be able to hold your child’s toys or other goodies

7) Diaper Bag/purse
There are some great designs out there but a nice timeless one will be able to function as a nice purse to take out with the kids (Plus, it will have plenty of storage!)

8) Toys
Some toys are made for baby to grow with such as the one below. These toys will certainly stretch your dollar. With proper cleaning and maintenance, they’re sure to last you a while.

9) Rocking Chair/Glider
Indeed, rocking your baby to sleep is a great bonding moment. Now that my little one is at the toddler stage, we still use the chair for story time.

10) A Changing Table
This piece of furniture can easily be refurbished or converted into another piece of furniture for storage. We plan on using ours to help store his toys.

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