Don’t get me wrong. As a whole, the military has done great things for our family. However, there are times when you know that either a) you’re not getting the full story or b) they’re lying to you. Sometimes it’s done for OPSEC, sometimes it’s done to keep military spouses less worried. But aren’t there times when you just want the full story? Some military spouses CAN handle the truth, and nothing but the TRUTH.

9 Lies They Tell Military Spouses (1)

Here are 9 lies you might encounter as a military spouse:



1) You’ll happily travel the world…

and the movers will damage half of your stuff doing so.



2) There’s exciting new things at every duty station.

There’s a Walmart.



3) You’ll meet so many new people…

and half of them are bat-shit crazy


4) Your husband won’t deploy THAT much.

Husband, what husband?


5) We’ll take good care of your spouse on deployment.

We’re going to get him drunk and tell him to hit on the stripper.


6) Homecoming will be at (Time, Month, Day)

Girl, please. Wear some comfy shoes because you’ll be waiting a looooong time.


7) You’ll have him back by Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/Valentine’s Day etc.

We need to tell the ombudsman/FRSA to email you saying that’s homecoming’s been delayed. That way you won’t get mad at us. Right?


8) We take care of military families.

Just ignore all that talk about cutting Pay/BAH/COLA/Pensions/Benefits/MWR



9) You guys have the toughest job in the military.

Please don’t complain to the CoC about some petty bullshit.

Have you been told other lies?

9 Lies They tell military spouses (2)

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6 Comments on 9 Lies They Tell Military Spouses (and what they really mean)

  1. You will also be told that when you retire from military life you have it made! At half the base pay, no deployment, housing or fire danger or foreign duty pay and absolutely NO support to get assistance in any area whatsoever to make transition to civi life easier.

    You will also be told that you have time to build your career now that he has it made as a retiree. The truth is, no one offers retired spouses scholarships or assistance to get her career off the ground and after supporting his for years, you will have no idea where to begin.

    • Seriously. I’m dreading it. With moving around so much (and sometimes to po-dunk-ville, U.S.A. duty stations), it’s hard to build up a “career” when really you’re just accepting any job you can get at each duty station.

  2. “We’re all brothers in arms.”

    As soon as a chick accuses him of something we’ll turn tail and abandon him and you family.

  3. oh yeh…the middle east is especially known for their loose women and flowing alcohol…

    • Good point. In my defense, I’m a navy spouse and This is geared towards Navy deployments where they go to Asia and South America.

  4. As a spouse and prior service, this post breaks my heart. I truly hope most spouses don’t feel like this. In my experience, the majority of servicemembers who act inappropriately do it without urging; usually it’s the other way around. I’ve personally sent my sailors home when I thought their decisions were poor or detrimental. And the military has its own agenda and it sucks, but … Private companies have the same issues with movers and locations and overworking. Anyway. Not saying you can’t complain, but I hope most spouses feel differently.

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