Expectant moms-to-be have all sorts of decisions to make. As soon as they have a positive pregnancy test, it seems like there is all sorts of ads for pregnancy products that pop up. Pregnant women usually ask their friends, family, coworkers for the best in what’s worth it, and what’s better off skipping. I’ve rounded up a list of the must have pregnancy products that are absolutely worth the money.

Affiliate links used below on products I truly recommend. See full disclosure here.
Affiliate links used below on products I truly recommend. See full disclosure here.

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Maternity Jeans

A good pair is maternity jeans will last you awhile. To save money, I went to a store like Marshall’s or Ross or Amazon for my maternity jeans like these. I still wore them for a short while after the baby was born.

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Comfortable Walking Shoes

Walking or any exercise may be a little bit harder during the later half of your pregnancy. Get some good comfortable walking shoes. I made a list of comfy walking shoes for pregnant women here.

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I used this coconut oil a lot on my pregnant belly. It was soothing and definitely did its job. Plus coconut oil can be used for other purposes. For your belly and other dry spots, find a good moisturizer that works for your skin type.

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Pregnancy Pillow

It’s hard to find a good sleeping position when you’re pregnant. After my husband got tired of me building my own pillow fort every night, he got me this pregnancy pillow. It’s comfortable and supported my growing belly.

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Comfy leggings were the best for those days I didn’t feel like wearing “pants”. Make sure they are good leggings like these by doing some squats and toe touches to make sure they aren’t too see-through.

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A Good Bra

Your boobs will definitely increase in size. In the beginning, they might even feel a little sore. When it seems like they’ve grown into a stopping point, get a good bra for support otherwise you may be adding to your back and shoulder pain. Or you can get a good nursing bra like this one to wear now and after the baby is born if you plan on breastfeeding.

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Roomy sundresses

If you are pregnant into the spring and summer months with warmer weather, having some room sundresses or wrap dresses is a must. They don’t have to be maternity if they have a little give. That way, you can wear them after the baby is born.

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Panty liners

This may be a little TMI, but pregnant women tend to have a little more discharge than usual. You can’t use a tampon and big old pads don’t make sense, but you can use a panty liner to keep things a little neater.

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Pregnancy heartburn is no fun. It usually comes around the second and third trimester. Having tums around will help alleviate that discomfort.

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Pregnancy multivitamin

This benefits you and the baby. Try to take them as consistently as possible. Talk to your doctor about remedies if prenatal vitamins have an adverse effect on you. For the first trimester, I used chewable gummies because they were easier on my stomach.

*Pregnancy Tracking App

I put an asterisk next to this product because you could essentially get a pregnancy app for free or upgrade for premium options. Of course all medical advice should be received through your OB-GYN, but it was nice to have an app that kept track of how far along I was, store my “bumpie” photos, and get some great tips.

Want an easy way to get all this stuff? 

Baby shower! If you happen to have a baby shower just before or around the start of your third trimester, put these items on your baby registry so that people may get them for you. That’s what I did anyway.  All or most of these items can be found on Amazon (which basically sells EVERYTHING!). Set up a baby registry and you can have a section that’s just for mom.

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