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The time of year when a military has a PCS to a different duty station can definitely have an effect on how smoothly the PCS will go. Summers are generally known as “PCS season”, as it seems the majority of the PCS moves seem to happen during this time. If you happen to have a PCS move in the winter time, here’s a few tips you should be aware of.

  1. Housing

    1. Keep an open mind about staying in military housing. Since you are not moving in the middle of PCS season, some housing may be easier to come by. Perhaps the waiting list for military housing won’t be as long so you may be able to move in right away. On the flip side, if you are planning to live off-base, then there may be fewer rentals out there as most people prefer to move in warmer weather. Start searching and putting yourself on wait lists as you are able to that way you can weigh your options.

  2. Weather

    1. The weather can be more unpredictable during winter. If you have movers, check in with them a few days prior to make sure things are all set. If you are doing a DITY move, you may have to flexible with the dates in case of bad weather.

  3. Protect your house

    1. Whether you have movers or not, it may help to lay down some cheap plastic tarps or floor mats. Moving things in and out, especially in snow, will track all kinds of mess in. You’ll want to minimize that especially if you are a renter or in military housing.

  4. New house

    1. If your new home is at a cold weather location, see if you are able to turn utilities on a day before you move. That way once you’re there, you’re not sitting in the dark with no heat in the middle of winter.

  5. Keep the holidays in mind

    1. If you have to move during the holidays, you can still remain in the holiday spirit no matter where you are. This article from CORT has tips on How to Make the Holidays Feel Like Home No Matter Where You’re Stationed.  My favorite tip is the “When in Rome” tactic of just adapting your celebration wherever you are located. See more tips here.

  6. A warm pick me up

    1. You can ask to borrow a crockpot so you can have hot chocolate on hand for your family (and perhaps the movers). Maybe even some coffee if your move is starting early. You can also ask to borrow a space heater to keep in the bathroom so it’ll be nice and warm in there when you have to use it.

  7. Don’t pack away the essentials

    1. Make sure you have a pile of things that SHOULD NOT be packed away: purses, toys, toiletries. Make sure warm hats, gloves, extra blankets are also in that pile.

Those are my tips from a PCS move in the winter. What has worked for you?

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