Picking out baby names
Picking out baby names

Choosing your baby’s name is quite possibly the first decision you make in parenting that has a direct impact on their lives. The name is how other people perceive your taste. It almost sets up expectations for him/her. I follow the rule where the name has to carry him through his baby blanket, his resume, and his tombstone(knockonwood).

It can’t bring up any negative connotations (i.e. Adolf, Lucifer). It has to “sound right” with the last name. It can’t be a name that could lead to potential teasing (i.e. Seymour Butts). Name databases are numbingly extensive. Boy names, Popular names, Biblical names, Celebrity names. How do you narrow down the list?

We still haven’t decided on a name for our little one yet. How do you name something that you’ve never met? If I were to name him now based on what I do know, he would have been called “Bean” (because that’s what he looked like on the first ultrasound), “Picky” (thanks for ruining egg salad for me), or “Ninja” (love the kicks when I’m trying to sleep, son, much appreciated).

For now, the plan is to have a short list of names based on their meaning, their personal significance, and how “melodic” it sounds with our last name. Once we meet him, then we’ll decide. I don’t know how quite yet. But it’ll happen.

How did you decide on your child’s name? What were the deciding factors?