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As you know, Junior is in daycare and I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a whole new school year which means new clothes, diapers, bottles, random other stuff that I have to send to the caregiver in order to make him feel comfortable. Regardless, for now, daycare is a necessity (a girl’s got to eat) and it’s kind of a nice warmup to his school age years.

As a new mom, I thought sending a kid to daycare would be no big deal. Pack up a diaper bag, and send it to school.

…rookie mistake.

What I didn’t know about having a kid in daycare is how you have to label every. single. little. thing.


On the short list of my label to-dos are:

  • bottles
  • bottle rings
  • breastmilk bags
  • clothes
  • extra clothes
  • blankets
  • sheets
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • toys from home
  • pacifier
  • food
  • snacks
  • sippy cups

A regular label-maker just doesn’t cut it, especially when new kids transition in (who may have the same name as Junior). My Kid becomes Kid C. or Kid #1. A label maker is also NOT cost-effective when you have to make labels for every bag or container of milk, food, or snack. In addition to labels, I also need to write specific instructions on some of his items.

So what’s a working mom’s best tool? Something that is permanent, but it can be quickly updated. Enter: Sharpie pens.


This is where Sharpie pens are also used frequently. I write on Junior’s files, his paperwork, his folders all with detailed instructions, times, locations, and information.
I feel like people take it more seriously when it’s written in Sharpie ink.


With school in full swing and Junior transitioning to new bottles, clothes, diapers, etc, I went shopping at Walgreens and stocked up. I’m back in my labeling frenzy and armed with my Sharpies.

My collection so far.


I love that they come in different colors. It makes life a lot easier. I assign a different color for a different purpose.

For example:
Green (nice to bring)
Blue (please bring)
Red (Do not forget or you will regret it!)
Black ( I couldn’t find any of the other colors)
Colors that aren’t black/green/red/blue (rainbows are fun!)

The best part is that they have this stainless steel pen that doesn’t bleed like other markers or pens might. These pens are perfect for the milk bags, clothes, or diapers where ink bleeding is a huge no-no. They have the Sharpie ink quality but it really does feel like a pen.

Plus they look and feel expensive which makes me feel like a CEO when I write with them. #moneyonmymind

Working Moms know that labeling is a part of life when you send your kid to your childcare instructor. You probably can spell your kids’ name faster than your own name. With this new school year, I can rest easy knowing that I’m armed with an arsenal of Sharpies to get my son prepared.