Completion of boot camp is a wonderful achievement. Basic Training Graduation is going to be one of the most memorable and monumental moments in a service member’s life.

Consider getting them a gift to reward them for completing and as a welcome to the next chapter of their military lives.  If you’re looking to get a service member something of more commemorative for graduating boot camp, consider the following:

Boot Camp Graduation Gifts Ideas

10 Best Boot Camp Graduation Gifts


A challenge coin

You can buy one an existing one but did you know you can get one custom made? Start his/her collection early.

Apple Watch - Sports Band
Apple Watch – Sports Band
G Shock Watches

A fancy watch

You can even engrave the back with a nice message or the date of their graduation. If your grad is high-tech, then a smart watch like this apple watch (made for sports) would be great. If your graduate need something more durable, G-Shock watches are pretty popular with the military.

ka bar
ka bar


Military graduates love ka-bars. It’s pretty cool-looking and you can get it engraved or plain.


Customized Lighter

I’m not a fan of smoking so I don’t condone cigars. However, a nice lighter is great to have on hand for… well lighting stuff (candles? lol). If your service member does smoke a cigar every once in a while, a nice lighter is good to have.



They come out of boot camp pretty hungry. It’s not that the military doesn’t feed them but it’s just that they don’t feed them the “good food”. Splurge on a nice dinner or stock up on their favorite snacks.



When they are without fun electronics for a while, they tend to miss them. Video games, mp3 players, tablets  (especially one like this ipad) etc., will come in handy one day when they’re in the barracks.


Head Phones

Speaking of electronics, a nice set of premium headphones will serve them well while they’re training  in the gym or hanging out in their room. These headphones are the best bang for your buck. If your graduate likes something a little fancier, then these headphones are perfect. If they like earbuds, then these earbud headphones would be a great buy. Here is a premium version of the earbuds.



With the military, work comes first. If you know they have time off, spring for some tickets to events they would like so that they can relieve some stress.

gym bag
gym bag

Gym Bag

With all of the PT they will be doing, invest in a nice gym bag so they can carry all of their gear in: PT uniforms, work uniform, tennis shoes, gloves, shower gear, etc.


Wallet or Money Clip

If you get a wallet, be sure to get one with a clear screen for his military id. If you go the money clip route, you can even engrave it with his name and graduate date.

best boot camp gifts

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