Every morning, my husband I run through our routine together: shower, my work clothes, his uniform, makeup for me, shaving for him. We text each other if there’s any update in our lives throughout the day. Then come home, hug, eat dinner, clean up, kiss each other goodnight and then repeat for the next day. Things in our relationship can seem pretty ordinary to outsiders.

15 Small Things You Can Do In a Marriage to Make a Big Difference

However, it’s those small, everyday things that can make all the difference in keeping our military marriage strong.

Here are 15 small things you can do in a marriage that can make a big difference

  1. Saying “please” and “thank you” even for the simplest task
  2. Do one of your spouse’s chore, without asking
  3. A nice long hug
  4. A sweet snuggle when you wake up in the morning
  5. Sign notes or cards, even post-it’s with “Love,”
  6. Say “I love you, and then explain why”
  7. At least one kiss a day
  8. Share food, especially dessert
  9. Have inside jokes
  10. Have a hobby outside of one another. It gives you something to talk about.
  11. Spend a little time apart. So you can miss each other and then share stories later
  12. Reminisce about old memories
  13. Hold hands when possible during car rides
  14. A little PDA out and about every once in awhile
  15. Let them know that he or she is always on your mind