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Nationwide provided me with information regarding its In The Nation post. 

Military families move and move often. It can certainly be a stressful time however the folks at Nationwide put together this nifty infographic with all of the best tried-and-true tips to ease the moving experience. Check out their post for more ideas: Tips to Ease the Moving Experience.


From personal experience, the highlights below can definitely help military families on their next PCS move.

Create a Pre-move Checklist

The checklist is essential in staying organized and prepared ahead of your move. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to keep them in order. Having a checklist will help with prioritization and could help prevent the little things from slipping through.

Purge your unwanted items

Moving gives you an opportunity to cleanse your home from clutter. Online apps and websites make it much easier to sell or donate your items or you can host a good old-fashioned garage sale. As Nationwide suggests, be sure to keep donation receipts to use as possible tax deductions.

Create a staging area

Even if you have movers, creating a staging area will help expedite the process. Stage items that are valuable, or fragile. Set aside items that you don’t want packed in the moving trucks.

Packing tips

For military families doing a DITY or partial DITY move (do it yourself move), packing can be made a lot easier with the following tips

  • Color code your belongings by room, this will also help you during the unpacking process
  • Keep track of loose parts by placing the screws/bolts/etc into sandwich bags and tape them to their item
  • Prevent damages and spills by wrapping items in extra towels or sheets.
  • Plastic wraps can come in handy such as wrapping your silverware tray as one whole unit. See more packing tips at the In The Nation blog.

Getting ready for moving day

Important but often forgotten items include draining gas and oil from your lawn equipment as well as defrosting your refrigerator.

Moving Day

The first night box saved us a ton of time and effort after our moving travel. The items that go in this box are the essentials you will need for the first night. Nationwide also has more checklists and moving tips and recommendations in their “In the Nation” blog.

Cleaning your old house

It’s definitely more time efficient to clean rooms when they are empty. As Nationwide mentions, close doors as rooms are clean to make sure no areas are missed.

Check your new house

When you get to your new house, ensure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functional and updated.

After the move

  • Notify everyone include the United States Post office of your new address
  • Change your locks
  • Get out the toolkit, you have a new house to set up!
  • And protect your new home. It is so important to make sure your home and its items are protected with homeowners or renters insurance.

Are you moving soon or perhaps you just moved? What are your best tips to ease the moving experience?

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