Looking for tips on parenting teen girls? Check out these helpful tips for raising a teenage daughter.

There’s so much things to know about raising a teenage daughter. When it comes to raising a teenage daughter, it seems many rules in parenthood change. Teenage daughters have so many changes going on. You’re probably noticing that your teen is going through puberty with hormone and body changes.

Your teen daughter may also be experiencing social changes, such as a change in her group of friends. There are so many things that happen during this stage of parenthood. Today I’m sharing some things to know about raising a teenage daughter so that you can be prepared for it all.

Things to Know About Raising a Teenage Daughter

Important Things to Know About Raising a Teenage Daughter

1. Ignore the Eye Roll

Eye rolls may happen more often than you care to count. The best tip I have for you is to learn to ignore the eye roll. While this may seem disrespectful and make you super angry, but learn to ignore it. Feel free to address the subject later when you’ve calmed down so that your teenage daughter understands what an eye roll means to you, and perhaps they will try to do it less. 

2. Birds and the Bees

Your teenage daughter may face uncomfortable situations, no matter how much you try to protect them. It’s important that you not only cover the birds and the bees, but you must go one step further. Discuss what respected means being and how they can respond or act whenever put into a situation that makes them uncomfortable, such as a deemed inappropriate text. 

3. Discuss Clothing

Remember that what you deem “sexy” may not actually be sexual in nature. Your teenage daughter is trying to figure out what works best for her body and what type of clothing she enjoys. Remember that you need to set your own rules and limits on clothing expectations, but try to give a little lead way so that your teenage daughter can learn to embrace appropriate yet fun clothing.

4. Tolerate the Ego

Remember that teenage daughters are supposed to be very self-absorbed. While this may be frustrating to watch your previously outgoing and caring daughter turn into a self-absorbed person who’s only worried about their own problems and desires, this is a completely normal part of adolescence. While you should still talk about empathy, don’t get too worried, this phase should be temporary. 

5. Listen More 

During this stage, your teenage daughter may open up to you about friends, and while you may not think said friends are good for your daughter, you must refrain from saying anything negative about your daughter’s friends. If your teen is venting to you, be thankful she’s willing to talk to you. Just discuss what a good friend is in general and trust that your teenage daughter will make good choices. 

That’s all I have for you today with things to know about raising a teenage daughter. There’s so much more I could dig into, but for the most part, these are the top issues that may arise during this phase of parenthood.  I hope that my tips help you embrace this chapter of raising a teenage daughter. 


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