Trying to raise a teenage boy? Parenting can be teens can be hard. Try out these teenage boy parenting tips. 

Raising a teenage son may be challenging. But through hard work and proper guidance, parents can raise them into well-rounded, polite adults. 

Oh, the lovely teenage years. We all have been a teenager at one point in our lives and I’m sure you can relate to how difficult your parents thought you were, or maybe you weren’t that type of teenager. Either way, the teenage years are the time when our children are dealing with body changes, peer changes, and even a struggle to be independent while still needing their parents. When you’re raising a teenage son you may want some extra help along the way to navigate these murky waters and that’s just what I’m offering today. 

Things to Know About Raising a Teenage Son

Important Things to Know About Raising a Teenage Son

1. The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Them

The number one thing to know about raising a teenage son is that they will think the world revolves around them and it’s your job to teach them otherwise. Do not give in to the argument that you don’t love your teenage son just because you don’t buy him everything he demands. Work to have discussions about expectations of behavior and how to treat family members with respect during this stage. 

2. They Still Need You to Listen

While you will be torn as you navigate the difficult waters of raising a teenage son to walk away or to argue with them, remember that they need you to listen more than ever during this time. The thing is that your teenage son will not ask you to listen. You simply have to be more in tune with the needs of your son during this age and listen more than respond as they ramble about issues with peers, school, or even their job. 

3. Not Everyone Will Like You

For a teenager, it’s hard to comprehend why their old friends no longer want to talk to them or why some peers simply don’t like them. This is especially difficult if your teenage son is more in tune with being a good person and friend to others. It’s important that you understand your teenage son will get frustrated knowing that some people don’t like them, but you must remain open to discussing this and teaching your teenage son that not everyone will like them and that it’s okay.

4. They Will Smell

Last, but certainly not least, teenage boys don’t seem to care about their scent. While many people say this will naturally change when you’re nose deep in the days of raising a teenage son you have to question if your son will ever comprehend the concept of showering on a regular basis and wearing deodorant. Try to discuss the importance of proper body hygiene with your teenage son so that perhaps they’ll start to take better care of their body and not smell so bad every day.

There you have it, things to know about raising a teenage son. These days will be difficult, they will be wonderful and they will bring you down roads you never imagined you’d go down, but once your teenage son grows into a well-rounded, polite adult you will be so proud of all that hard work you put in during these teenage boy years. 


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Important Things to Know About Raising a Teenage Son, Tips For Parenting Teen boys