Keeping toddlers busy but safe is quote the task. Learn some fun toddler activities they can do to keep them entertained.

Toddlers can be quite a handful whether you work at home or outside of the house. These younger years are also incredibly important in the development and growth of young minds. But sometimes you need a break from your toddler whether it be for chores or work.

5 Toddler Activities to Keep Them Out Of Trouble (And Out Of Your Hair!)
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A screen or tablet is not always the best option. There are some educational activities that will keep your child engaged and safe while you finish the task at hand.

Here are some toddler activities to keep your little one out of trouble and out of your hair.

1. Hands-on games

Toddlers love to get into things, so why not give them something they can get into and have fun with? There are loads of options for hands on activities and games. You can purchase some or make your own ideas with toys around the home. As long as they have lots to do, they can have fun with the simplest of toys.

2. Coloring

Coloring is beneficial for kids and adults of all ages to help increase focus and have fun. The good think about youngsters is that there are plenty of options for objects to color with that fit their little hands well. Here’s an idea for unique washable dot markers to keep the little ones occupied and happy!

3. Artistic games

It’s never too early to start instilling creativity in your children, and artistic activities are very appealing to a toddler to keep them occupied. You can make ideas for these on your own or find ideas locally at stores. Things, like making pictures with separate pieces of cardboard or maybe putting together toddler bricks, are good ideas. Let your imagination find more.

4. Activity booklets

We grow up using activity booklets and things at older ages, but there are plenty of simple ones for younger age groups as well. Maybe something simple like tracing letters can help your toddler have fun and learn more for their school life in the future. Toddlers can benefit from learning tracing because it helps with pencil handling skills. Here’s an idea from Amazon: Tracing Pad

5. Sorting and color activities

Toddlers can learn to recognize and use colors by sorting different colors and objects as a game. You could give them lego bricks to sort into different bins by color or teach them colors through drawing and art. The options are limitless and will occupy little ones for ages.

Although there were only 5 options on this list, they can all be altered and made into many different activities and games that can be used throughout the week. Hopefully, these ideas can help you make games and activities for your toddler to get them out of your hair when you need a break. You can also use these with your toddler to get some bonding time in. Good luck with your little one!


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  1. Activity booklets are great! My 4 year old loves them but it’s also a great way for them to prepare for school. Good tips 🙂

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