Safety comes first when your child first begins to explore. Keep your curious children safe with some childproofing tips.

Kids can find their way into things that you don’t want them to often, and sometimes it seems like no matter how much you childproof things they still get past your efforts. Fear not, there are lots of options out there to help you.
Here are some tips for childproofing against your child that gets into everything. Share with other moms you know to help them as well!

7 Child Proofing Tips For The Child That Gets Into Everything

7 Child Proofing Tips For The Child That Gets Into Everything
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1. Outlet plugs

Outlets can be really dangerous for little fingers, so outlet plug covers are important to keep things child proofed and safe for the young ones. It’s also fairly inexpensive to find outlet covers, so this won’t break the bank when childproofing the home!

2. Safety lock cabinets and drawers in reach of children

Safety locks are useful in childproofing because it keeps your children out of things they shouldn’t be in and helps to reduce sharp corners and such from open drawers or cabinets. Find which type of safety lock works best for your home and type of cabinet or drawer. The good thing is there are lots of types out there.

3. Keep medicines far out of reach

Medicines are dangerous for kids and for adults, but sometimes you have to have some on hand. Whether they are simple acetaminophen or complex prescription drugs, keep them in the original container. Medicine containers have safety locks that kids cannot open if they do get to the bottle. But always keep medicines away from your children’s reach so this isn’t a risk.

4. Use plenty of safety devices

Safety is pertinent in childproofing. You not only want kids to stay out of your stuff but to not be able to access unsafe items or get hurt. Make sure to keep sharp corners covered, outlets plugged, hot surfaces covered when not in use, and more. These can help your little one be safer while exploring and ease some of your stress.

5. Keep shade cords out of reach

Even using shades on your window as an adult can be tricky with shades falling down on accident and not getting locked up properly sometimes. Cords are also a hazard for little ones because of the possibility of getting tangled up. Wind up cords to stay out of reach or hang them on a hook out of your child’s reach.

6. Cover stove knobs

Especially with propane stoves, accidental turning on of a stove can be dangerous in way more ways than just producing a hot burner. You should cover stove knobs with homemade covers or professional stove knob covers like these to keep your child from accidentally starting up a burner.

7. Childproof doors

Doors are one of the biggest problem areas for child proofing. As soon as your child knows how to open a door, it’s like they see an adventure behind every door handle. Whether it is your cabinet doors, bedroom doors, or any exterior doors, be sure to put child locks and latches on them that they aren’t able to reach or open until they are old enough to understand the dangers.

There are so many ways to childproof a home and make it safer for your child as well as less stressful for me. Hopefully, this can help make things a bit less expensive and easier to do for you. Good luck along your way, and remember to be patient with the kiddos!


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