Transitioning your toddler from a crib to a big kid bed means new rules and routines for everyone involved. You’ll both survive and get back your sleep with these tips.

When (And How) To Switch Your Toddler From Crib To Bed
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Oh, the toddler years. While you’re dealing with every other quirk of the toddler years, in the back of your mind you know you’re going to have to convert them to a toddler bed in time as well. However, there are plenty of ways to keep an eye out for when it is best to convert your youngster to a real bed, and ways to make the transition much easier.

When (And How) To Transition Your Toddler From Crib To Bed

In this article, there will be plenty of tips for figuring out when to start this transition and how you can make it most comfortable for you and your child. Hopefully, some of these can help you on your way.

When To Transition From Crib To Toddler Bed

1. First in the transition is knowing how to recognize the signs of when your toddler needs a new sleeping situation. One big one is your toddler’s actions and feelings towards their crib. If your child is often climbing out of the crib or being continuously upset with being in a crib, chances are they are having a hard time with being in it and would be better with a toddler bed. They could also even ask about their own bed and wonder when they can have a bed like yours, this is a positive sign that they are ready to be in their own “big kid” bed.

2. The second part in these signs are your own feelings and comfort levels. Your child growing up is hard, and it’s natural to have reluctance towards changing to a bigger kid bed. But if you don’t feel like your child is able to sleep through the night without you consistently monitoring and checking on them or feel like they will roam at night when given the chance, it might not quite be time for it yet. Make sure you and your toddler are both ready for the change to a toddler bed instead of a crib.

3. Room arrangements or budget calls for it. Sometimes the matter is out of your hands. Perhaps a new sibling is on the way who will need the crib much more than your toddler. Perhaps, your toddler is going to get a new roommate (like an older sibling) so it makes sense to transition to the toddler bed.

How To Transition From Crib To Toddler Bed

Here are some times to make a smooth (or smooth as possible) transition from the crib to the bed.
When (And How) To Switch Your Toddler From Crib To Bed
1. You can prepare for the change early by purchasing a convertible crib like this one, something that can help reduce costs when you are ready for a toddler bed and also make it simple to change to a toddler bed from the already existing sleeping setup. You also can consider just a toddler bed and get a bed rail guard like this to prevent your child from falling. There are rails, no rails, fun designs, wood, plastic, and plenty of other fun combinations. If you are interested in purchasing a toddler bed you should let your child help pick one out from the ones you can afford so they can have more positive connections with the transition and feel happy about their new bed.

2. Let your child think he or she has the control. Allow your toddler to choose their own bedding. Let them choose an alarm or which stuffed animals are going in the bed. You can give options of course to narrow it down, but this way they’ll claim ownership of their new bed.

3. Lay down some ground rules. You already have a bedtime routine in place, but you still need to let your child know of the new rules. They have to stay in bed until someone comes and get them or it is an absolute emergency.

4. Try a night light. My kids were afraid of the dark and soothing night light like this (that also played white noise) helped them feel safe. They were definitely more at ease once the night light came on. Plus it’s much easier for you to check on them when they’re sleeping. And if they “have to” leave their room, they can see a little better.

When (And How) To Switch Your Toddler From Crib To Bed

5. Keep the baby monitor up. Our kids still have their baby monitor up. I highly recommend this video monitor with voice options. When our kids would get up or whine, we would watch on the monitor and then talk through the monitor to encourage them to go to sleep and go to bed. We’d also monitor to make sure that they weren’t playing around or doing anything dangerous before bedtime.

6. You have to set everything up to be safe in their room. Make sure your toddler has their bed in a place that won’t make them uncomfortable and in a safe place in the room. Keep beds away from electrical outlets and shelving that may be unstable or fall. The rest is up to you and your child as to what will be best for you both in this transition.

7. Finally, stand your ground. When your toddler escapes from their bed. Calmly walk them back into their room and place them into bed. You will maybe (definitely) have to repeat this process a few times, but they should end up understanding the concept.

That’s all! Hopefully, you can transition to a toddler bed from the crib smoothly and with little problems. Remember to always consider your toddler’s best interests in this process.



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