You can find a bunch of reasons to breastfeed. They come from doctors, nurses, the CDC, other moms, etc. But honest to god, my main reason for breastfeeding… I’m lazy.

Junior was on formula for the first 10 days of his life because my milk hadn’t come in yet. The reasons I wanted to breastfeed were as follows in order of priority:

1) Health benefits

2) Mom/Child bonding

3) Costs

6 months into it, I hit my goal. As a working mom, I didn’t know how my supply would hold up but my goal was 6 months and I made it (with a sizable freezer stash too, I might add). I could easily switch over to formula and get rid of that annoying pump. My nipples would no longer be raw or sore. Not having to nurse or pump every few hours.  Enough with engorgement. And the most annoying? “Junior is fussy-gassy-sick-throwing-up-crying-angry, Mom, what have you been eating?”

I could easily make the transition to strictly bottle feeding, but I won’t. And it’s not because of the breastfeeding nazis.

It’s because I’m lazy.

Strictly bottle feeding means more dishes.

Strictly bottle feedings means carrying bottles, nipples, cooler bag, ice packs with me when we go out

Strictly bottle feeding means waiting those agonizing few minutes for the bottle to warm up when Junior is screaming

No, thank you.

Stay on my nips, kid. We are in this for the long haul.

Why wash 6-8 bottles when I can wash 3 (from pumping and daycare)? Sleep is my currency right now. If sore nips mean more sleep, then boob juice it is! When we go out, I carry a nursing cover and that’s all. If you have babies, you know that the less stuff you carry, the better.

When it’s time to nurse him, I lay down and he nurses next to me. And for those glorious 15 minutes or so, I can doze off a little bit. Laziness (or survival) at its finest.

Middle of the night snack… on the boob you go!

Won’t stop crying… human pacifier time!

Breast is best…

because I am lazy and proud of it.