Getting organized before a baby arrives seem daunting but in retrospect, it was pretty simple. After all, the baby isn’t even there yet! After baby comes, parents tend to forego a little organization in favor of some much-needed rest. In my case, my baby’s changing table was once organized to a TEE. Then, he started becoming mobile… really mobile. So items that I had previously stocked up, were out, or I had to dig somewhere else to find them. For busy parents, there seems to be a some items that you constantly run out of. So I compiled a list of the top 5 things, you should be comfortable in purchasing a lot of.

5 THINGS TO stock up on for babies-2

1) Diapers
For sure, get diapers in all sorts of sizes. When I’m shopping at Target, I make sure to pick up a box or 2 of Pampers Cruisers which offer Pampers’ best fit and protection.
It’s been hot in our area, so I just let Junior cruise around “naked”. This diaper has cute designs to be shown off and offers amazing leak protection with the Extra Absorb Channels that help distribute wetness evenly. This diaper definitaly stays Drier and doesn’t Sag like ordinary diapers* *based on size 4 vs. leading value brand


There’s also some great offers going on: From August 30 – September 5, Buy 2 Pampers Giant Packs Get $10 Gift Card. Giant Packs include: Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Swaddlers diapers and both offers will be available in store and online.


2) Wipes
Along with a diapers stockpile, you should get wipes. Wipes are used not only for diaper changes, but for wiping down hands, furniture, toys, and any other stickiness your kid may encounter.

3) Snacks
I’ve noticed my son get very “hangry” in-between meal times or when we are out on the go. I’ve learned after a few tantrums to give that boy some snacks. I typically carry anything from crackers or fresh fruit for him to enjoy before the hunger/anger sets in. Personal Tip: when You have fresh fruit as a snack, it’s better to divide it up into small baggies when you bring it home, that way, you can just grab and go.

4) Socks
No matter how many socks I buy, we just always seem to be in short supply. It can also get frustrating when you’re folding clothes, and there’s a couple of socks that are missing their mate.

5) Space
By space, I mean digital space. Your phone/camera/computer/hard drive/cloud will be full of pictures of your little ones during this precious time. Stock up and get some extra storage to hold all of those memories.

What items do you stock up on?

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  1. This is awesome! I just started following your blog yesterday since my husband and I are discussing him going into the army (he spent 6 years national guard)…you had so many great military life pins on pinterest!

    We are expecting our first in November, and this list is a great help!

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