20 Ways You Know You're an Army Wife
20 Ways You Know You’re an Army Wife

  1. Because Hooah!
  2. You’ve learned to sleep through the sounds of PT, helicopters, artillery, etc
  3. You’ve watched at least one episode of Army Wives
  4. You drive “on post”, not on base
  5. You tell people he’s “only” been gone a month
  6. You know your house in weight, not rooms
  7. You dress up for skype dates
  8. You’ve been the happiest  (picking up) and saddest (dropping off)  at the USO part of the airport for an R&R
  9. You can tell the difference between Army, Air Force, and Marine uniforms
  10. You know what “getting back from the field” means
  11. People give you a blank look when you try to explain the difference between a unit, company, battalion, etc
  12. You say they are “downrange” instead of “deployed”
  13. You know that the grey pt shirt is terrible at hiding sweat
  14. You chuckled when your spouse was happy they switched from berets to patrol caps
  15. You find PT glowbelts in the strangest places of your home
  16. Since most army bases are in the middle of nowhere, you’ve come to accept Wal-Marts as a main shopping hub
  17. You know to cover your ears once you see the cannons at ceremonies
  18. Who else has the option of going to Hawaii and Alaska? 
  19. You know people might get lost finding an office on post but they always seem to know where the Class Six is
  20. Because you know the Army has the best commercial theme song ever…

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How else do you know you might be an Army Wife?


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