Semi-Delicate Balance

Month: December 2013

Wife Vs Call of Duty

Wife vs. Call of Duty

Call of Duty… is a skanky homewrecker. My husband’s other mistresses: Football Season, Baseball Season, and Golf, I can tolerate those ho-bags. They’re only in his life temporarily. The weather changes and therefore, it’s on to the next one. But Call of Duty, heretoforth known as COD, sticks her ass here year round. You may […] Read more…

A Letter to The Big Bang Theory

A Letter to The Big Bang Theory

I admit, at first I found your constant reruns on TBS irritating. Until, I was stuck in hotel room and that’s all that I could tolerate watching. Before I paid attention to “TBBT”, I found it arrogant, predictable, and well, ironically, dumb. And then that fateful night. I watched one episode, which led to 2, […] Read more…