A Letter to The Big Bang Theory
A Letter to The Big Bang Theory

I admit, at first I found your constant reruns on TBS irritating. Until, I was stuck in hotel room and that’s all that I could tolerate watching. Before I paid attention to “TBBT”, I found it arrogant, predictable, and well, ironically, dumb.

And then that fateful night. I watched one episode, which led to 2, which led to 6 (good golly, producers are making bank on syndication!) Now, with all the pride in the world, that I am a “TBBT” fanatic. Sheldon Cooper, you smelly pooper. Thanks to you,  my vocabulary is better, I now glance at the science feed on Google News (glance, you still haven’t gotten me to read anything), and most importantly, intelligence, honesty, and individuality, are character traits to be admired by our society once again. It’s cool to be a nerd again. Why? because they’re smarter, genuine, and have the best ingenuity (have you seen some of the Comic-Con costumes?!)

Leonard and Penny, you given hope to the notion of “Opposites Attract”, or the “Popular Girl with a heart”, or “Nice guy gets the girl”. Though I must admit, it’s getting kind of stale but that is what true love evolves into. It’s not as super-exciting but it’s comfortable and secure… and horrible for TV ratings. Love triangle, infidelity, surprise pregnancy, long-lost spouse, lots of different directions here, CBS. Spice it up!

Our supporting cast: Amy, nee Blossum, you steal every scene you’re in. I sure hope you pop that nerd cherry one day. Raj, my favorite token minority, represent bro. Howard and Bernadette, your geeky yet sweet chemistry is very endearing and somewhat creepy, I love it.

Thank you to all those involved for giving us a show to root for heroes that admire superheroes. To letting us know it’s ok to blurt out random facts, be socially awkward, and not fit in with the mainstream.  You put the “Big Bang” in The Big Bang Theory.