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Month: April 2014

7 Ways to Save Time for Working Moms

Saving Time For Working Moms

As you may have noticed, I like to keep my posts short and sweet. Why? 1) It’s my writing style. You’ll probably never see a novel from me. Maybe a collection of short stories. 2) My attention span is short. Distractions come easy to me—SQUIRREL! 3) I don’t have time. Between working, mommyhood, wifey-hood, I want […] Read more…

Should You Get a Pet Together?

Should you get a pet together?

If you and your significant other are thinking about getting a pet, I’m going to assume you’re living together. If you’re living together, I’m going to assume you’re “happy” living together. If you’re happy living together, YOU would probably assume that getting a pet together would make you even happier. FALSE. Well, semi-false. Getting a […] Read more…

Guide To PCS’ing to Hawaii

PCS'ing to Hawaii

So you just received confirmation that you’re headed towards the islands. Should you be ecstatic? or nervous? No need to worry. Here’s your guide for PCS’ing to Hawaii. 1) Housing Decide whether or not you want living in military housing. Generally speaking, getting a decent house might take a while. If it’s PCS season, prepare to […] Read more…

20 Ways to Prepare for Deployment

20 Ways to Prepare for Deployment

Deployment rears its ugly head again. Another extended separation for you and your family. Don’t you secretly hope, it just “doesn’t” happen?  Your spouse will most likely get a list from work on all of the legal/financial/military mumbo jumbo he has to do. But what about the homefront? Here’s a list of how to prepare […] Read more…

50 Tips, Tricks, and Truths for a New Mom

50 tips for a new mom

Undoubtedly, most first time moms read pregnancy books, or browse pregnancy forums, or google every little movement or non-movement in anticipation of their first bundle of joy. It doesn’t always occur to preggo ladies to read what to do with the baby after delivery. For first time moms, or even second and third time moms, […] Read more…