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Month: May 2014

The Difference Between Babies and Puppies

Babies and Puppies

I had a fur-baby before I had my human baby. When taking care of the both of them, I started to realize the differences between babies and puppies… 🙂 Follow me on Google+   Read more…

Perfect Navy Blue Outfits for Military Homecomings

Navy Blue Outfits

Navy Blues I love the color of Navy Blue (maybe I’m partial because of my sailor). It’s just so classy and chic. When paired with white or creme, it just screams “sophisticated” (and maybe somewhat nautical). Perfect outfits for a military homecoming as well as a night out Follow me on Google+ Read more…

What to Pack in Care Packages for Deployed Troops

Care Package, Military, Deployment

As a military spouse, usually the responsibility of sending care packages to a deployed spouse falls on your shoulders. Check out this ultimate list of what to pack in a care package. Sending a care package to your loved one should be fun! After including things from this list, lift their spirits more by customizing […] Read more…

How to Return to Work after Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Return

On January 6, I became a new mom. I felt very stressed and overwhelmed. 12 weeks later  I became a working new mom. (Insert curse words here). Not only am I dealing with the stress and responsibilities of being a new parent, I now have to deal with the stress and responsibilities of my job. […] Read more…