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Month: May 2014

10 Ways Dads Can REALLY Help with Breastfeeding

Dad Breastfeeding Help

When mom breastfeeds, dads can feel like they’re out of the loop. She may not want to pump or bottlefeed so dads have to try and engage somehow with feeding the baby. Because… well, they’re half yours! Here are some ways dads can REALLY help with breastfeeding. 1. Bring baby to mom It’s the middle […] Read more…

25 Genius Moving Tips for PCS Moves

PCS Moving Tips

When you are moving or “PCS’ing”, everyone has learned that you contact the transportation office, check your documents and/or research the place you are going to live. What’s even better is knowing genius PCS moving tips so you can have a great move. Here are 25 of them. 1. Wait to start planning… no, really. […] Read more…

Don’t Be THAT Military Spouse

military spouse

There are certain stereotypes of military spouses just as there are stereotypes about all women. With the rise in social media over the years, certain traits start to develop in this newer generation of military wives. Here are some kinds of military spouses you may run into… but don’t be her! The All-About-The-Military Wife How […] Read more…

Perfect Country Girl Outfits for a Military Homecoming

Country Girl Outfits

Remind your spouse of your country girl roots when you show up looking absolutely adorable in cowboy boots. Your house may be where the military send you, but these outfits serve as a great reminder that home is actually where the heart is.   Perfect country girl outfits for a military homecoming Follow me on Google+ […] Read more…

Perfect Red, White, & Blue Outfits For Military Homecomings

Red, White & Blue Outfits for Military Homecoming

What better way to welcome back your service member from deployment than in the colors of our flag? Going patriotic as you greet them home is a great way to ‘Welcome Back!” and “Thank you for your service!” Rock the Red, White, and Blue for your outfit!   Perfect patriotic outfits for a military homecoming. […] Read more…