Being a military spouse can have its perks. We’re a different subculture of military life. Therefore, there are certain problems that only WE could understand.

Here are 27 problems only military spouses will understand.

Military spouse problems

  1. Finished doing my makeup. USAA commercial comes on… so many tears.
  2. Finding a military ball dress that no one else will have
  3. Trying not to meanmug the girl that has your same dress at the ball if point #2 was not successful
  4. Dread filling out background checks because you’re trying to remember every address after so many moves
  5. Forgot to pack one thing during packout, now you have to lug it around with you on your PCS trip
  6. Root for your branch during the Army/Navy game, have no idea how they’re actually doing during the season otherwise
  7. Finding a job after you PCS
  8. Find a great job, then being told your family is up for orders
  9. Find out about a great event on base AFTER it already happened
  10. See your spouse’s coworker off base but you only know his last name and feel weird calling him by that
  11. Favorite set of furniture doesn’t fit in new place.
  12. Struggling to keep up with service member’s story about work due to the all of the acronyms
  13. Talk to them for 30 minutes while they’re deployed, realize you forgot to ask the one thing that you HAD to tell them after you hang up
  14. Getting one homecoming date. But then getting it changed.
  15. A frozen screen during a skype date
  16. Knowing your spouse’s social security number, forgetting your own
  17. Feeling awkward doing nothing while the movers pack your stuff
  18. Can’t watch a military movie or TV show without noticing the flaws
  19. Too many support groups/facebook pages to follow
  20. Procrastinating important stuff because you’re watching a facebook fight go down
  21. Forgetting how hairy your legs can get because you don’t shave that often during deployment
  22. A simple trip for groceries turns into a trip for care package goodies
  23. Trying to cram that last object into the care package
  24. Keeping a poker face to the postman about what’s REALLY in the care package
  25. Show up for FRG meeting, food is all gone
  26. Eloquently telling your new potential friend that you are not interested in her home sales
  27. Mad rush to get rid of half-opened food and supplies after packout

27 Problems Only Military Spouses Will Understand