Kids are capable of doing a lot more around the house than we give them credit for. As a busy mom, you don’t have time to do all the cooking, cleaning, and take care of the kids too. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, consider giving some of those chores to your toddler!

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Here are 5 chores even your toddlers can do.

Help unload and load the dishwasher
I’m not suggesting that you let your toddler load the sharp knives or the breakable dinner plates, however, they can still help you load things like plastic cups, small bowls, and other kitchen utensils into the dishwasher. They may still need your assistance now, but when they get older, they will be able to take care of more of this task themselves until finally, they can do it without your help.

Sweep and mop
Get a smaller broom and mop for your toddler and let them go nuts! This is a pretty easy task, and even your toddler is old enough to do it. You may even be shocked to find that they find it fun! Remove the middle piece of your Swiffer to make a child-sized mop, and you don’t have to clean the floors anymore!

Fold and take care of clothes
Your toddler won’t necessarily fold them like a pro, but there are plenty of items they can fold just as easily as you can. The point is that this is one less thing for you to do! If they have drawers that they can reach, help them put their clothes away, and teach them to put their own clothes away. If you don’t want them to fold all of the clothes, consider just letting them fold their own to start.

Wiping down surfaces
If your child can reach a surface, they can wipe it down. You may want to spray it down for them, but they are just as capable as you to wipe it down. Give them a microfiber cloth and let them wipe down the shower or the counters. If you are feeling trusting, then consider giving them their own spray bottle to use. I suggest not filling it all the way so when it accidentally spills, it doesn’t make too big of a mess.

Pick up their own toys

Your toddler can pick up their own toys. While you may have bookshelves they can’t reach yet or other storage solutions that they won’t be able to manage. They can help do a basic tidy of their toy area. Help teach them which bins their toys go into, and get in the habit of making them pick up after themselves. Keep bins at their level so they can easily put toys away, and consider adding labels to them if you think they need a little extra help.

It’s important to teach your toddler the importance of helping out around the house while they are young. While there are so many other chores that we haven’t even covered, this should get you started!


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