Assigning your kids to do their chores can be more painful than getting a tooth pulled! For some kids, they rush through it and don’t get it done properly, and others whine and complain about chores until you finally cave and let it slide. What about the third kind of kid? The one who does their chores? The truth is that those kids do exist!

Here are 5 creative ways to get your kids to do chores.

Set aside a time for EVERYONE to do chores
When I say everyone, I mean everyone. This includes your husband and even yourself too. Set aside a time each day when everyone has to do their chores. When you’re working together as a team, it won’t seem so bad because everyone has to do their chores at the same time. This will also keep one kid from skipping chores, and make it easier to see who has done theirs.

Take something away
You don’t know how motivated your kids will be to do something if something they want is withheld from them. For younger kids, this could be screentime, for older kids maybe it’s the WiFi password. Make your kids do their chores in order to obtain something that was taken away from them.

Switch it up
Use a chore jar or a random selection method to change up the chores each kid has to do. If they spend their entire lives doing the same chore, it won’t take long before they stop wanting to do it. Make sure the chores are equal in terms of difficulty but mix up what they have to do each week to make things better.

Consider making chores a punishment system
If your kids aren’t picking up their toys, or they misbehave, use chores as a means to have them earn something back. This could mean that you had to pick up one of their toys, and they need to do a chore to get it back. If your kids don’t mind chores that much, this might not be a good system, but if they are very attached to their things, this could be a great way to get things done.

Give them an incentive
It’s not enough to tell them to do their chores sometimes. When this happens, use an incentive to get them to do it quickly. Maybe it’s a reward after so many completed, or a family surprise if everyone does their chores. Making incentives a part of chore time can not only make it more fun for them, but they have a motivator if they don’t care that their items are being taken away.

Getting your kids to do their chores doesn’t have to be a struggle any longer! These creative ways to get your kids to do their chores go beyond saying because I said so, and breaks it down in terms they can understand. If you follow these tips, your kids will be doing their chores in no time.


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