It may be a wonderful feeling for Mom that baby wants to snuggle, cuddle and be close to mom at all times, but it can get stressful. Having a baby that only wants Mom will make it difficult to do any household chores, find a babysitter or even let Dad have some baby time. Today I’m sharing some tips on what you can do when baby only prefers one parent and how you can make life easier for everyone in a baby’s life.

Here are Tips On What To Do When The Baby Only Wants Mom

Tips on what to do when baby only want mom

Plan Ahead

First, if the baby is going to have to be away from mom for a period of time you need to plan ahead so that whoever is going to be with the baby that the baby doesn’t become unruly the entire time. If you’re going to have baby spend some time away from mom and know that baby doesn’t like to be away from mom, try to do a practice run so that the baby gets used to whomever he/she is staying with.

Try Different Times

Perhaps baby only wants mom because you’re trying to take baby during a time that baby simply prefers to be around mom. If it’s hard to get Dad involved with feeding because baby refuses to be comfortable with their dad, try to feed at different times and slowly work the baby into getting used to their dad feeling them during a specific time of day. Do this consistently for a week to see if it helps.

Let Others Soothe Baby

While many moms are equipped with a high maternal instinct, meaning they’re more apt to grab the baby out of someone else arms when the baby is crying, it’s important to let others soothe baby. When Mom allows others to soothe an upset baby, they’ll quickly get used to the idea that they can be calm and happy without being soothed by their Mom.
Tips on what to do when baby only want mom

Favorite Activities

Baby will bond better with a different person, yes even dad, if the person is doing a favorite activity with the baby. The baby will get distracted by doing something that they love to do, and quite possibly not even notice that mom isn’t there. This is a great way to help dad bond with baby without stress or major crying fits.

Use Your Clothing

A baby who only wants mom may enjoy the smell of their mom and prefer being held closely by their mom due to the preference in knowing that mom’s scent is comforting. Try to take some of your clothing to let others drape over their body when holding the baby. This will ensure that the baby is able to have a similar scent of mom while getting used to someone else comforting them and being near them.

Trying to get baby used to another person when they quite simply prefer mom isn’t an easy task. Babies aren’t able to communicate what they’re feeling with words, so it’s up to the adults in their life to help guide them towards a positive future. Do your best to use these tips shared today to positively support a baby who only wants mom towards embracing the love of others.


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