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12 Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Military Wife

pregnant military spouse

Most pregnant woman run into awkward situations anyway (i.e. strangers rubbing your belly). But being a pregnant military spouse means you get a whole ‘nuther set of tactless questions. Not saying that a regular preggo lady is completely different from a preggo lady married to a service member. But as a recent preggo lady myself, […] Read more…

Telling Work I was Pregnant

Telling Work I was Pregnant

Short story: I dreaded it. I did it. Turned out alright. Long Story: I knew I was 18 weeks pregnant when I went in for the interview. We needed the income, and I was planning on returning to work anyway. Plus, in our transition from Hawaii to San Diego, I tried the stay-at-home thing. It wasn’t […] Read more…

Clubbing While Pregnant

It’s Saturday night, your girlfriend calls you and announces it as “Girls’ Night!”. WHOOPTY-WHOOP! You can’t wait to get dolled up and go out for a night of partying. —recordscratch— You’re pregnant. With Halloween coming up, invites for those Halloween nights out will be coming your way. I personally believe any and all alcohol should […] Read more…