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5 Things to Stock Up On For Babies

5 THINGS TO stock up on for babies-2

Getting organized before a baby arrives seem daunting but in retrospect, it was pretty simple. After all, the baby isn’t even there yet! After baby comes, parents tend to forego a little organization in favor of some much-needed rest. In my case, my baby’s changing table was once organized to a TEE. Then, he started […] Read more…

7 Tips for Summer Pregnancies

7 TIPS FOR summer pregnancies

if you think about it, summer can a great time for your kid to be born. There’s a chance for better weather for outdoor birthday parties, you can travel for their birthday during summer vacations or more family and friends can travel to you. However, this means that you have to be pregnant during the […] Read more…

7 Things Pregnant Military Spouses Need to Know

7 Things Pregnant Military Spouses Need to Know

Expectant parents have a lot of things on their mind before the arrival of their little one. For pregnant military spouses who are not on active duty, there are important items to know and remember before delivery. Military life can sometimes throw a few obstacles in the way, but there are also some benefits that […] Read more…

Pregnant in the Military: 6 Things You Need to Know

6 Things Pregnant Service Members Need to Know

Female service members face a different kind of battle than their male counterparts, especially when it comes to becoming a new parent. Each branch of the military has extensive policies in place to address pregnancy. Service guidance emphasizes prenatal care that is beneficial to the woman and the unborn child. Still, what can female service […] Read more…

How to Choose the Best Baby Name

best baby name

The first few questions a couple has when they find out they are expecting usually have to do with gender and baby name. There are countless baby name directories but with thousands upon thousands of names, how do you choose the best baby name? Consider these tips below. Research -Look into baby name websites and […] Read more…