Are you second guessing your choice for a baby name? Here’s a handy checklist with tips to make sure you have the right baby name picked out.

When you’re thinking of a name for your bundle of joy it is often hard to feel like you’ve done it right, and sometimes you’ll regret the name you chose for the first while of your baby’s life. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I am giving you a checklist of 8 important things that can help you make sure you’ve chosen the absolutely perfect baby name for your child.

Checklist To Make Sure You’ve Chosen The Perfect Baby Name

Checklist To Make Sure You've Chosen The Perfect Baby Name

1. Don’t let other people’s opinions get in the way

Sometimes you can end up with a choice that you don’t like in life from peer pressure or the pressure of loved ones. Don’t let your baby name be one of them, because that baby will have to live with the name you choose for a long long time. Try to listen to your own thoughts not the people around you.

2. Think of what nicknames can be used

If you have certain nicknames and names that you don’t like, make sure that you avoid them. Maybe you like the name Rebecca but not the name Becca, if that’s so then Rebecca might not be the best option for your kiddo. Try to consider all nicknames that are possible in case you don’t like the nickname they might have.

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3. Use your resources to find ideas

There are so many resources out there for name ideas. If you want a unique name for your baby there are plenty of online resources to find the most unique and interesting name ideas. Don’t be afraid to explore!

4. Wait to tell others until you’re ready for feedback

No matter what, you’re going to have feedback about the name you want to choose. If you don’t want negative feedback then maybe you should avoid telling others until later on when you’re absolutely sure that you want this name. If you want constructive feedback, then talk to people you trust and know will be helpful in the decision making.

5. Try to narrow down the ideas to a few good ones

You’re going to get overwhelmed really fast if you have a whole long list of name ideas to choose from. Once you’ve got your ideas, use tips like these and others to narrow down that list to just a few names to choose from.

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6. See how middle names work with the first name

Remember, this name isn’t just a first name thing. See how things sound together, first with the middle name(s) you are thinking of and later as a whole unit.

7. Find inspiration in your life

If online resources aren’t your thing, you can find inspiration all around you. Like nature? Maybe something like a flower name or nature inspired name would be cute. Want to pay homage to someone you respect? Try using a similar name or even their first or middle name.

8. Don’t rush yourself, follow your heart

Don’t forget, you have loads of time to figure out what name is your choice. Don’t let others rush you or change your mind.

There you have it, lots of good tips to check off while you’re finding a good name for your baby on the way. I hope these help you along your way. Wishing you the best of luck and a good day!


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