best baby name

The first few questions a couple has when they find out they are expecting usually have to do with gender and baby name. There are countless baby name directories but with thousands upon thousands of names, how do you choose the best baby name?

Consider these tips below.


-Look into baby name websites and books to find out the meaning of names

-Think about your favorite books, movies, tv shows, people in history for inspiration

-Consider a name after a member of your family or a significant person in your life but also consider if the name is still “in style”

-Be careful with gender-bending names i.e. Madison for a boy or Robert for a girl (I’ve seen it done)

-Popular/Schmopular- so what if this name is on the top 10 list? For example, John/Michael/Daniel/William etc.  have all stood the test of time and have been popular for centuries. Don’t let popularity deter you.


-Yell the name. You’ll be yelling this name a lot during the toddler and teenage years.

-Say the name out loud with the last name. Is it a good fit with the last name?

-Say the name out loud with the first, middle and last name. Does it sound melodic?

-Add the prefix to it and say it out loud. i.e. Miss/Mister, or ever Dr, or maybe even President 🙂


-Write out the full name

-Make sure the initials don’t spell out something unfortunate or weird. For example. A.S.S. or C.O.W.

-Consider that this name will have to look good on his baby blanket to his resume to his tombstone

-Check the spelling. I know it’s tempting to be unique but when you say the name out loud, they all sound the same. For example.  Ashley = Ashlie = Ashlee = Ashleigh = Ashli or Aiden = Aidan = Aden = Ayden = Adin= Aydin. Keep it simple so perhaps in your kid’s class, she will be Ashley and the other kid with be “Ashli with an ‘I”

How did you choose your baby’s name?

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