Black Friday, Military Style
Black Friday, Military Style

Probably the biggest shopping day in these United States…Black Friday. Do you dare venture out? Before you put on the riot gear, it’s best to have a tactical plan, Soldier.

  • Review circulars: identify only the sales/coupons/early bird deals that pertain to you and your family. (the 70% off lawnmower does not benefit the apartment dweller)
  • Create a List: The must haves (priority), the nice-to-haves (if the opportunity arises)
  • Develop a schedule: allow time for transit, breaks, and potential lines
  • Only the strong survive: whiny kids, A.D.D. husband, slow-moving relatives STAY BACK.
  • Choose your battle buddy wisely: look for stamina, endurance, and strength, and possibly a large vehicle to store your items
  • Stay focused, distractions lead to failure
  • Analyze your tactical gear- is your purse going to hinder anything? Are those boots too slippery? Do you need a belt to keep those britches held up?
  • Identify base camp once you’re in the store if you’re planning to split up
  • Communication on and distinguishable at all times: If that means annoying ringtone, then annoying ring tone it is
  • Set up Exit Strategy: setting up station (aka parking) close allows for convenience when entering but doesn’t it provide for easy exit?

Before you head out there, always remember…

TCB- Take care of business:

…well… take care of YOUR business BEFORE you leave the house, public bathrooms are a hot mess if you know what I mean.

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