Going through things when raising a preteen son is fun. Check out these tips as you dive into the waters of raising one.

A preteen son is between the ages of 9 and 12, not yet a teenager but no longer a little kid, so to speak. During this stage in parenthood, your son may start to be a little irritable and perhaps start acting a little differently than he has in his previous years.

This is all normal behavior, and I will assume, as your son is now venturing into the preteen stage. Today I’m telling you everything you need to know about raising a preteen son so that you both can survive this stage in parenthood.

Things to Know About Raising a Preteen Son

4 Important Things to Know About Raising A Preteen Son

1. Spend Time Together

Your preteen son may not act like he wants to spend time with you but sit down to enjoy his favorite activity with him and watch as he talks for hours. When you spend time with your preteen son doing something he enjoys, it helps him feel more confident and included in your day to day life. Since preteen sons may have different interests than you, it’s best to let them teach you the ropes for his favorite activities during your quality time together. 

2. Be Indirect

Your preteen son may feel overwhelmed or confused by direct questions about their day or what’s going on in their life. During the preteen son stage, you should ask more indirect questions if you truly want them to open up about what’s going on in their life. Preteen sons can be quieter as they tend to think more frequently about their world, truly evaluating it before opening up to their parents or friends about their thoughts. 

3. Discuss Sensitive Topics

Do not be afraid to talk about sex and drugs. It’s also a great idea to discuss how to show a preteen girl respect. Preteen boys may start showing interest in girls and heard about drugs or other sensitive subjects from their peers during this age. You must be proactive and open to communicating about these sensitive topics with your preteen son. 

4. Watch their Shows

With YouTube being wildly popular for preteen sons, you must start to watch some of the shows they’re interested in. This will help you gauge if the shows are age-appropriate and fit the values your family has. With access to the internet, your preteen son can get into more things than you could ever imagine, so it’s best to monitor what they’re seeing online and set rules about shows. 

There you have it, things to know about raising a preteen son. This time in a young boy’s life is a changing season. Your son is no longer a little boy. He’s starting to get more independent and showing new interests. It’s time to use the tips I shared today to help you navigate through the waters of raising a preteen son. 


4 Important Things to Know About Raising A Preteen Son