While most parents realize the importance of good manners, it’s always nice to have a reminder of the many manners, beyond just please and thank you, that all kids should know. Manners are a vital component of everyday life. From holding the door for the person behind you to telling someone to have a nice day, there are many forms that manners take and today we’ll address some of those forgotten manners that kids should know.

5 Essential Manners That All Kids Should Know (No Matter What Your Parenting Style Is)

Essential Manners All Kids Should Know (No Matter What Your Parenting Style Is)


Saying “please” and “thank you” will go far in life. You’ll notice the “brats” of the world don’t often say “please” or “thank you”. Instead, they demand and take without any appreciation. A few simple words expressing gratitude and appreciation should be instilled in your child from the start. These words show your kids respect for others and thankfulness for the nice things that others do for them.

Be Aware of Personal Space

This is a biggy! Often we forget to give others personal space when we’re waiting in a checkout lane at the grocery store or driving in our car. Personal space is vital when it comes to manners and knowing how to ensure that your kids show others respect. Whether you’re walking down the street or at a grocery store, kids need to learn to give others some personal space by staying at least an arm’s length away from others at all times.

Respect for Elders

This manner is something that most of us teach our kids inside the home. We expect our kids to show respect to Mom, Dad, and even their grandparents, but what’s even more important is to develop the skill of having respect for elders no matter where they go. Elders are basically an adult who’s been around awhile. Adults have lived a long life and have gained wisdom which means kids should learn how to respect their elders on all levels.
Essential Manners All Kids Should Know (No Matter What Your Parenting Style Is)

Welcoming Guests

As kids get older they tend to develop this grunting during the teenage years where they forget to welcome guests into their home. When someone enters your home and says hello to your kids but they simply grunt or don’t even acknowledge their presence it can be quite embarrassing. Make sure your kids know your expectations of manners when it comes to welcoming guests that are invited into your home.

Focus on Others

Back in the olden days’ kids were expected to be seen but not heard and then something flipped where kids became the center of attention. There’s nothing wrong with kids getting adequate attention when visiting family or entertaining guests at home but kids need to learn the good manners of allowing others to share stories, discuss events and get a little of the limelight too. Teaching kids to focus on others helps them develop a balance in social skills too.

These manners are all good ones that every kid should know because it will set them up for a lifetime of success. Knowing how to have proper manners in all situations is good for gaining healthy friendships and a good career. If you haven’t discussed these manners with your kids in a while or ever, it’s time to start working on them so that you can set your kids up for success.


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