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Month: November 2013

Telling Work I was Pregnant

Telling Work I was Pregnant

Short story: I dreaded it. I did it. Turned out alright. Long Story: I knew I was 18 weeks pregnant when I went in for the interview. We needed the income, and I was planning on returning to work anyway. Plus, in our transition from Hawaii to San Diego, I tried the stay-at-home thing. It wasn’t […] Read more…

How To Handle Black Friday: Military-Style

Black Friday, Military- Style

Probably the biggest shopping day in these United States…Black Friday. Do you dare venture out? Before you put on the riot gear, it’s best to have a tactical plan, Soldier. Review circulars: identify only the sales/coupons/early bird deals that pertain to you and your family. (the 70% off lawnmower does not benefit the apartment dweller) […] Read more…

Tips for Smooth and Organized Thanksgiving Travel

Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is coming up. You made the decision not to host so it’s time to see family and friends for this glorious holiday. The hard part is just getting there. No really, “getting there” as in traveling when 80% of the population is trying to do the same. Below are some tips to avoid those […] Read more…

7 Helpful Resume Tips for Military Spouses

Helpful Resume Tips For Military Spouses

Military Spouse Career = Lots of Changes. Changes in location, jobs, titles, etc. Getting your resume to the top of the pile can be hard, especially when you have to somehow convey all these “life changes” on 1-2 pages. With these personal tips, you could be well on your way to getting called for that […] Read more…