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Month: November 2014

The “Formula” to Help Your Blog Go Viral

the formula to help your blog go viral (1)

When one of your blog posts goes viral, it’s an amazing rush. To see your regular analytics numbers double, triple, or even skyrocket out of control is an exciting feeling. You think to yourself… “how can I repeat this?” I’ve written about how one of my posts when viral, and from that point on, it […] Read more…

50 Things Military Spouses Learn From Deployment

50 Things Military Spouses Learned From Deployment

The moment your spouse is back in your arms from deployment is indescribable. You literally feel whole again. It’s like the world stopped and there’s no other people in the world except your family.   After the initial rush and overall giddiness, you breathe a huge sigh of relief. They are home. They made it. […] Read more…

How Military Spouse Facebook Discussions Seem to Go Down

How Every Military Spouse Facebook Discussion Seems to Go Down

When you PCS to a new duty station, one of the first things military spouses often do is find the local Facebook group. They are the ones with the “inside track” on neighborhoods, schools, housing, etc. I love some of the military spouse groups that I am in on Facebook. Some have been so helpful. […] Read more…

12 Things Military Spouses Shouldn’t Live Without

12 Things military spouses shouldn't live without (1)

“Luck favors the prepared.” This couldn’t be more true in the roller coaster ride for military life. With a multitude of things to worry about, military spouses and their families should be prepared for what life has to throw at them.   Aside from a Power of Attorney (POA), whether it be for deployments, PCS […] Read more…

25 Ways My Life in College is Exactly as My Life as a Mom

life in college is like life as a mom

It’s been five years since I graduated college. In five short years, I am gainfully employed, got married, adopted a fur baby, had a human baby, moved across the Pacific ocean and back again, started this blog. That’s a lot to pack into a short amount of time. As I look back my days of […] Read more…