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5 Messy Play Activities for Summer

5 MESSY PLAY ideas for summer

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Maytag for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Summer is a great time to get outdoors and play, better yet… get messy! We love messy play here. Our messy play activities range from finger paint to chalk drawing to good-old-fashioned playing in the backyard. […] Read more…

7 Back to School Lunchbox Essentials Your Kids Need

7 Back to School Lunchbox Essentials Your Kids Need-3

I blinked and summer is almost over! Can you believe it? Little man will be done with vacation soon and we will be back to our regular schedule. Me and the husband are off to work and the little dude goes off to school. Working moms know they have hectic schedules to maintain. So we […] Read more…

5 Signs of Dehydration to Look Out for With Your Kids

5 signs of dehydration to look out for with your kids

Summer time is great for outdoor fun. however one of the hidden dangers can be dehydration. Dehydration occurs when we lose more liquid than we take in. All of the fluid we lose needs to be replaced every day. Under normal conditions, thirst tells us that we need fluids; we drink water, and we do […] Read more…

The 10 Commandments of Being a Toddler… as Written by a Toddler

10 Commandments of being a toddler written by a toddler

I thought I had gotten over the hump when the newborn phase was over. Boy, was I wrong. This kid is approaching toddlerhood fast and strong. I’ve quickly learned that my tiny little terror has his own set of rules. so from toddler to mom… The 10 Commandments of Being a Toddler… as Written by […] Read more…

15 Glass Half-Full Moments for Moms

15 glass half full moments for moms

Am I doing this right? Am I being a good mom? Am I raising him right? From picking out his clothes to his next school, I often think about these questions. As a first time mom, I seem to be second guessing myself all of the time. Some moms seem to have it all perfect […] Read more…