Kids aren’t always that great at sharing, but they can be taught to share nicely with some work. While you won’t ever find kids that get along all of the time, these activities to teach children to share will indeed help make things a little more peaceful.

5 Fun Activities That Teach Kids To Share

5 Fun Activities That Teach Kids How To Share
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Board Game Night

One of the easiest ways to start getting kids to share is to start getting them to play together more often with games like board games like this. Establish a board game, perhaps one where children have to be on a team against adults or teams against each other, if you have at least four children this can work out well. Either way, a board game where kids must share that time together will be a fabulous way to use activities to teach your children to share without them realizing this is a skill they’re learning.

Craft Time

Having a craft time session on a regular basis is an easy activity that can teach kids to share. Gather up some craft items and place them on a table where the children will sit around the table to create their own crafty projects. During this time, the kids will have to share the specific supplies you’ve put on the table. This actually is a fun way to teach kids to share and you’ll find with weekly craft time sessions that the children naturally start sharing with each other in various areas of life.

Cooking Time

One of the best activities to get children to share is to have them start learning how to cook together. Do easy “cooking” projects such as a fruit salad or cookie decorating. Have them work together to cook something delicious they’ll start forming a deeper bond that will come in handy later on in life as they work to have a mutual level of respect for each other. Cooking something age-appropriate together is one of the easier ways to get children to share and teach them a life skill that’s necessary for them to know in their adult life.
5 Fun Activities That Teach Kids How To Share

Timed activities

Sometimes a little competition can help your kids learn to share. For example, who can race on the ride-in car the fastest? Who can score more basketballs in the hoops in one minute? These sorts of activities reinforce the idea that these toys/games are for everybody (community property). They don’t just belong to one person. Use this one at your discretion as you’ll not only be teaching your children about sharing but about winning and losing gracefully.

Practice Taking Turns

This is the number one way you can easily work to incorporate daily activities to teach kids to share. If you have a computer, game console, or perhaps a favorite game, find a way to incorporate sharing into the kids’ everyday activities. This could be having them work to create a time limit for an item that they have to share. This could also be using a timer like this so that each of them are able to stop using a shared item or toy on their own, without much interruption from parents.

Each of these activities to teach children to share are simple, easily added to any lifestyle. There’s nothing better than watching children work together to enjoy a fun activity together that’s teaching them a deeper skill such as sharing with each other. Try these activities to see which one will help establish better sharing skills within your child as they work to be kinder to others.


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