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32 Funny Quotes for Deployment and Military Spouses

Funny quotes for deployment

There are plenty of encouraging and inspirational quotes to get you through deployments. But what if you just want to laugh? Sometimes a good chuckle can do wonders when you’re dealing with long distance. Here are 32 FUNNY quotes for deployment and military spouses. “Don’t be sad, laundry. No one is doing me either.” “The […] Read more…

10 Things I Said I Would Never Do During Deployment

never do during deployment (1)

When I dropped the husband off to leave for his deployment. I kept telling myself “Be strong, you can do this”. I was hoping if I said it enough times, it would come true. There were things I was telling myself I HAD to do: stay strong, keep busy, be positive. There were also things […] Read more…

36 Rules for Life With A New Baby and a Deployed Husband

rules for life baby deploy (1)

Husband deployed 4 months after our baby was born. He was gone for 7 LOOOOONG months. That was a rough time to say the least. If you know my delivery story, then you know I was a probable candidate for postpartum depression. In retrospect, I probably DID have it and should have sought counseling. It […] Read more…

101+ Awesome Ideas for Military Welcome Home Signs

Military welcome home signs ideas

Part of the fun of a military homecoming is making a Welcome Home Sign. It makes it easier for your service member to spot you and makes for great pictures. Military Welcome Home Signs can range from the sweet, to the funny, to the completely inappropriate. But hey, when you haven’t had any for 6-12 […] Read more…

25 Creative Ideas For Deployment Countdowns

deployment countdown

No matter if it’s a couple of weeks or a year, deployment seems like it takes FOR-EV-ER. You think it would be better after the halfway point, but IMO, it just makes you antsier.  I love the idea of having a countdown to homecoming because it places a positive spin on things. Instead of feeling […] Read more…