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5 Best Things About Military Love

Military Love

Whether you’re in a new relationship or you guys have been together forever, military love has its up and downs. Here are the 5 best things about military love. His Dedication to His Country I love it when someone thanks my husband for her service, or offers him discounts, or even lets him off speeding […] Read more…

Guide To PCS’ing to Hawaii

PCS'ing to Hawaii

So you just received confirmation that you’re headed towards the islands. Should you be ecstatic? or nervous? No need to worry. Here’s your guide for PCS’ing to Hawaii. 1) Housing Decide whether or not you want living in military housing. Generally speaking, getting a decent house might take a while. If it’s PCS season, prepare to […] Read more…

20 Ways to Prepare for Deployment

20 Ways to Prepare for Deployment

Deployment rears its ugly head again. Another extended separation for you and your family. Don’t you secretly hope, it just “doesn’t” happen?  Your spouse will most likely get a list from work on all of the legal/financial/military mumbo jumbo he has to do. But what about the homefront? Here’s a list of how to prepare […] Read more…

How To Handle Black Friday: Military-Style

Black Friday, Military- Style

Probably the biggest shopping day in these United States…Black Friday. Do you dare venture out? Before you put on the riot gear, it’s best to have a tactical plan, Soldier. Review circulars: identify only the sales/coupons/early bird deals that pertain to you and your family. (the 70% off lawnmower does not benefit the apartment dweller) […] Read more…

7 Helpful Resume Tips for Military Spouses

Helpful Resume Tips For Military Spouses

Military Spouse Career = Lots of Changes. Changes in location, jobs, titles, etc. Getting your resume to the top of the pile can be hard, especially when you have to somehow convey all these “life changes” on 1-2 pages. With these personal tips, you could be well on your way to getting called for that […] Read more…