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10 “Mom” Lies I’ve Told

10 Mom Lies I've Told

Junior turned one!  Whoo-hoo! I He made it! I look back on these last 12 months and realize how far we’ve come. Well, at least, how far I’m told others that we’ve come. I didn’t fib to add to the mommy wars or participate in the parenting competition. I fibbed because of wishful thinking. That if […] Read more…

Here are 20 “Gifts” New Moms Want for Christmas

20 -Gifts- New Moms Want For Christmas

Approaching the one year mark with Junior (yay!). Husband is back from Deployment and he asked me what I want for Christmas… hmm… easy enough. Here are 20 “Gifts” New Moms Want for Christmas A shirt not stained in milk/food/saliva/snot/god-knows-what-else The Three Chris’s (Pratt, Hemsworth, and Evans… bonus points if they clean my house) A […] Read more…

7 Easy Ways to Get Your Kid to Eat Everything

Get your kid to eat everything

Junior took to solid foods very easily. As he is getting older, I noticed that he is already developing likes (cheerios and squash!) and dislikes (peas). I swore to myself that I would try to prevent raising a picky eater so I’m serving him all sorts of food and offering a lot of praise when […] Read more…

20 Must-Dos When Baby Proofing Your House

baby proofing

Junior is moving and shaking all over the house now. I never noticed how dangerous my house was for babies until… well, I had a baby. (I also never knew how dirty my house was before babies but that’s another subject) Aside from putting him in a giant bubble, I needed to baby proof the […] Read more…

12 Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Military Wife

pregnant military spouse

Most pregnant woman run into awkward situations anyway (i.e. strangers rubbing your belly). But being a pregnant military spouse means you get a whole ‘nuther set of tactless questions. Not saying that a regular preggo lady is completely different from a preggo lady married to a service member. But as a recent preggo lady myself, […] Read more…