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Month: June 2014

15 Things Hollywood Wants You to Believe About the Military

15 Things Hollywood Military

There are many different variations of military-related movies. Some are historical, some are about modern warfare. Some are dramas, some actions. Some have aliens as the enemy, some have friendly aliens. You have to wonder what these Hollywood producers are thinking when their movies include the military. Do they intend to entertain? Or critique? I […] Read more…

10 Ways for Military Families to Save Money

Saving money on a military budget is about knowing and using your resources. Whether they’re new to the military or been in it for years, some service members and families can be oblivious to the great deals and offers around them. Personally, I probably wouldn’t have known about such resources until I worked on a […] Read more…

50 Things Only a Military Spouse Would Understand

50 thing a military spouse would understand

Military Spouses are a unique breed. We are one of the support systems behind America’s military. We deal with situations that are mentally, physically, and emotionally draining… all because we fell in love with a man in uniform. Today’s military spouse has even more issues to face. We get criticised for our opinions, our appearance, […] Read more…