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20 Must-Dos When Baby Proofing Your House

baby proofing

Junior is moving and shaking all over the house now. I never noticed how dangerous my house was for babies until… well, I had a baby. (I also never knew how dirty my house was before babies but that’s another subject) Aside from putting him in a giant bubble, I needed to baby proof the […] Read more…

36 Rules for Life With A New Baby and a Deployed Husband

rules for life baby deploy (1)

Husband deployed 4 months after our baby was born. He was gone for 7 LOOOOONG months. That was a rough time to say the least. If you know my delivery story, then you know I was a probable candidate for postpartum depression. In retrospect, I probably DID have it and should have sought counseling. It […] Read more…

Working Moms Hate This Phone Number

hate this phone number

Working Moms know this phone number by heart. As you see it pop up on your smartphone, a giant weight falls over you. Should you pick it up? Or let it go to voicemail? Once you see this phone number, the amount dread and anxiety that comes over stops you in your tracks. The phone […] Read more…

How to Choose the Best Baby Name

best baby name

The first few questions a couple has when they find out they are expecting usually have to do with gender and baby name. There are countless baby name directories but with thousands upon thousands of names, how do you choose the best baby name? Consider these tips below. Research -Look into baby name websites and […] Read more…

12 Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Military Wife

pregnant military spouse

Most pregnant woman run into awkward situations anyway (i.e. strangers rubbing your belly). But being a pregnant military spouse means you get a whole ‘nuther set of tactless questions. Not saying that a regular preggo lady is completely different from a preggo lady married to a service member. But as a recent preggo lady myself, […] Read more…